The Apple “ master “ Gaming Race  


What it is?


The Apple gaming race has a mission to provide the consumer with unique gaming accessories. All of which is of the highest quality and which provides the highest levels of performance and yet which is available at a competitive price. With these accessories’ gamers can go full out because they will not be hindered by inferior products. There has been a lot of talk regarding the PC master race which is known by some as the glorious PC gaming master race. In reality this is only an Internet community or an Internet subculture where the supporters of PC gaming believe in the superiority of PC gaming compared to console gaming. In other words, the term PC master race has been used as an identifying tag to distinguish themselves from the rest of the gaming community. All of the people belonging to this group firmly believe that the trusted PC platform is superior to all other forms of console gaming

what does this people claim?


PC gaming enthusiasts believe that computers have more advanced graphics, is better for online play, provide a wider variety of exciting games and the frame rates is better when compared to console platforms. There are also more options for modifications, with computers there are backwards compatibility and more options for upgrades as well as for customization. Other features are also better supported by PCs such as multitasking, open standards and performance. The derogatory term for console gamers is console peasants. But those who play their games on computers will forever be known as the glorious PC gaming master race. This is something which was started by a writer of comedy Ben Croshaw in 2008. This was done in a video review for the game the Witcher. This was done by Croshaw to make fun of the elitist attitude which he noticed among computer gamers. There are many that feel that the quality of the game the Witcher suffered because of theconsole port of the game.

A very popular phrase


this identifying tag quickly grew in popularity although it is slightly different than it was initially intended by Ben Croshaw.For PC gamers this identification tag has become an expression of pride among all PC gamers who still maintain that the reliable and trusted PC platform is simply infinitely superior to the various videogame consoles. This is because computers areeasier to upgrade, it is more powerful as far as grahics is concerned, is affordable, has excellent mod support and there is an extensive game library available on PC. There are many other reasons why supporters of PC gaming feel that when it comes to making a decision between PC gaming and console gaming then there can simply be no doubt that PC gaming is the better option. As time went by the original term glorious PC master gaming race has been shortened to simply PC Master race. Since 2015 several companies which are involved in technology has actually entered into a partnership with PC Master race group in order to organize contests, giveaways and various gaming events.




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